About me 

Dina is the founder of the sync agency Lionberg Music.


With a background in Finance and a degree in Criminology, Dina has forged her own path into the music industry and her creative passion makes her integral to any project. 


Prior to establishing Lionberg Music in Stockholm, Dina spent eight years in the music industry in the UK.  Her first job was at Warner Chappell as a Music Consultant.  She then moved over to Universal Music working as a Senior Key Account Manager with clients across all major broadcasters, TV-production companies, advertising and trailer houses. 


Dina is highly skilled in sync placements, and a visionary innovator who brings her ideas to fruition.  For example, the 100% Her album – the world’s first production music album created only by women, a collaboration between She Said So and Universal Production Music is one of her creations.